Radio shack reverb

I picked this up at a yard sale thinking it was maybe an actual reverb pedal, but when I tried it at home it was just a very short delay pedal, which I'd already had. So it sat on my shelf for a bit before I picked it up again to destroy/fix it.

The first step was to desolder the sliders on the board and replace them with pots. I also sacrificed the battery bay because 6 AAs. Then I had plenty of room for knobs and switches. Bending this was pretty straight forward, in that if I found a bend I'd usually incorporate it. Bends on somewhat simple hardware have a way of cross-modulating that's hard to explore before wiring it all up.

Here's the plate once I drilled (too many) holes:

And here's the board once I soldered it:

The original sliders live on as the bottom row of knobs. There's plenty of distortion and a more reverby reverb as well as a couple sometimes-useless others. Have a listen! (The initial sound is the dry signal.)