Lyra 8

This synth has 8 voices, individually tunable, though not so easily because they have a huge range. It has lots of feedback loops, cross-modulation, no presets, and lots of non-linearity. It can sound melodic and ethereal or dirty and glitchy and everywhere in between. In any case it's an attempt at control, and the result is this complex 8-legged monster whose grip on predictability is just light enough. I welcome its influence.

I soldered header pins to the connectors for the mods on the main PCB so I could use dupont connectors and troubleshoot more easily. The switches in the off position (down) are wired to the original value components. I mounted the mods on some thin flashing metal to keep them relatively organized yet separate while working on them (that's the brown around the mods in the guts picture). I found a schematic for the LFO and clock out mods on the modwiggler forums, then buffered and dropped the gain on them to +/- 5V.

There were many snags. Mostly that the dupont wires (thin stranded copper from tayda) weren't great quality, and in my testing and troubleshooting they occasionally broke off. So I tested and resoldered them, then gobbed some hot glue on there--seemed to fix it. This synth is also hyper sensitive, so insulating the touchpads from the panel/case was harder than I thought. This works through touch, and if you measure the resistance through your skin, even sweaty and closely, it's usually a few megohms. On humid days, when the envelopes are set to slow, the release is suuuuper slow.

So basically everything I learned about this before the build was from the soma documentation or this modwiggler forum. I posted over there too, if you're interested. And here is me playing it (poorly):