ChaQuo module front panel ChaQuo module rear wiring

This is the wild and free ChaQuO module from the brain of Ian Fritz. There's the chaos circuit (Cha) and a quadrature--meaning four-output 90 degrees out of phase--sine wave LFO (QuO) which is normalled to the "drive" jack here. This is a good demo. But nothing can compare to the off-the-chain intuitive play of these knobs. I'm still getting to know it.

So here we have some files for you to print and etch at home! These are shared with permission and are for non-commercial use only.

Copper etch

These are at 600dpi. There's also a bit of panel wiring to complete the circuit, so here's my wiring diagram. I also highlighted the parts of the schematic that aren't on this circuit board in yellow here if that's more your thing.

This module outputs rail-to-rail voltages, if that's a concern. Feel free to voltage drop them at the jacks or add attenuators or something.

Much gratitude to Ian Fritz! And happy building!

etching layout of the chaquo pcb