The past year or so, I’ve been very tepidly exploring avenues for sharing more online. No one would know that by looking at the amount or subject of content I produce, but it’s been in the back of my mind for a minute. I want to share more of what I’m doing creatively, and the reason for the hesitation is that doing so pretty much requires participation in the attention economy, opaque algorithms, terms of service that I haven’t read, and the forsaking of some amount of privacy.

Behold the low tech web ring. See also: this website and this one. Although I’ve had a blog for many years it didn’t feel like much of a platform, and that’s because I didn’t treat it like one. It’s not as immediate as the socials, but I have infinitely more control both in what the visitor sees, and what I am able to produce.

Basically what I’ve gone and done on the back end of this site is downgraded. I went from using WordPress to using Jekyll and GitHub pages. It’s a little more difficult to implement. There aren’t as many plug-ins available. But it’s fun, and instead of installing a theme and deleting most of the CSS I can write the code that I want to see. Yes this site looks and feels almost exactly like my old site, but just know there’s way more enthusiasm underneath.

In any case I hope you enjoy the lack of ads and not needing another password to be here and participate. Stay tuned.