What up Internet? It’s been a minute. Time for me to brag!

Modular lunetta synthesizer

A while ago I posted a pic of this modular lunetta in progress, and here it is now. And also a while ago I built a bunch of stuff and put it in there. And then also a while ago I made a tape of very noisy playing with it. So I pulled it out, gave it a light dusting, and took a picture for you, dear reader.

I incorporated a pipsqueak of course, which is a wonderful way to get insane voltages throughout the system. I added range knobs too so it can be more like an LFO. Some utility stuff, some logic gates, a stereo panning mixer, more LFOs, a melody generator, and in the upper right a motor that rings two bells from a telephone. I used another circuit from mroztronium that he was kind enough to share with everyone in the world. It takes pulse inputs and reads them in a sluggish or not so sluggish way to spin a motor and it’s a lot of fun. Now if only physical bells had volume knobs.

. . .

Summer in Maine is a fun and busy time and I’m grateful for a whole lot more than I could write here.

I did a slightly-risky-but-ultimately-I-knew-it-would-be-fine thing and decided to forgo having an employer per se this summer, which has allowed me to do a number of things–one of which is to take stock. I feel like I never regret giving myself space to think or to have time alone, and it’s been subtly fruitful in that way.

Another thing it allowed me is a little bit more agency in my financial life, which is a weird way of saying that I’ve been working for myself. Doing electronics repair! (I currently have the comically heavy and enigmatic Akai MG 1212 sitting in pieces in my too-small-for-that bedroom.) So far it’s been relatively sustainable, but I have no idea if that will be true when it comes time to pay taxes. It’s taken precedence over synth DIY and the other day I started building a Bi-N-Tic filter on strip board and was pleasantly reacquainted with my joy of the process. Of course it’s somewhat similar to repair but leaving the financial aspect aside was a bit of a relief (I guess I was losing money but it wasn’t very much).

And let’s see, what else? There have been important people and moments and frustrations and sighs, but if you want to hear about that you’ll have to get at me in person. Sorry, internet, my hands are tied. Bye!